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Past, Present, Future for Intersex, Immigrant, IVF Families

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Living in the past is unhelpful but we all are a sum aggregate of our…


IVF Discrimination – Is it Real or a Myth? Do IVF Lives Matter?

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I respect diversity, I respect women starting with my abandoned IVF daughter and the compassionate…


Why We Need IVF Crisis Centers and What Is Their Impact?

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Would the same children have got justice if a husband had abandoned them? Would the…

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Happy Rosa Parks Day – What will the US do?

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“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for…

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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I am very thankful for having healthy and loving children – two through IVF and…

Nazi Intersex IVF History

Wish I were Gay for my IVF Children’s Sake As Dictated by Laws

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There are stories about how gay parents are coping in the 21st century – fighting…


Elephant in the Room – IVF and Proud

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room because if we don’t then its a…

Equal Rights for IVF Children

In the War on Fertility, its the result that should count – the IVF child

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Happy Children’s Day where two lovely IVF siblings were born through compassion of others but…


Is it Better to Abandon IVF Child or Save IVF Child?

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In the recent spate of events in the international IVF industry, there has been a…

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Surviving When Held Against Your Will – Forces in Common

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As human beings, we are all social animals – something similar was said long ago…


Compassion is Evil, Worse Your Innocent IVF Children will be Punished

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Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. – As the Borg said in their quest…