Effects of Secrecy and Lies

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There are long ranging effects of secrecy and lies especially ones that breaks the laws.…


After Five Failed IVF Attempts, An IVF Sibling is Abandoned

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It’s a wonderful life, the American dream of an immigrant. Come to the US for…

Shared parenting

What Does Equal Intersex Rights Mean and Would You Teach Your Child That?

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Its 1999. You are Intersex. Legally, you cannot marry. Biologically, you are infertile and cannot…


I Cannot Raise my Son Because I am Raising his Sister, My Daughter

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I love my son very much, I miss my son very much, I miss him…


Attempted Death of an IVF Parent and his IVF Children

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If as a parent you were presented with a choice of saving your 5 year old whom you have grown to love and raise or your new born infant, what would do? For a parent you love both children equally. Read more to know about the lack of laws for IVF children and families and the loopholes in IVF laws which victimizes innocent IVF chidlren.


Corollaries Between IVF and Travesty of Justice

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There are several current events which bring attention to the travesty of justice and the…


IVF Lessons from Glenn Ford Exoneration

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In a recent story about an innocent man, Mr. Glenn Ford, being exonerated brings both joy and…


How to Steal an IVF Child?

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Its 2009. Its been 31 years since IVF was invented but we still lack laws…


Test of Time – Change with Truth

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It is not 1414 that you can convince someone easily that earth is the center…


IVF Fiction : Top 10 False Claims About IVF Children and Families

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Below are 10 claims justifying separating innocent IVF brother and sister, followed by the facts…


Happy Women’s Day – From the Eyes of an IVF Girl and Father

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It’s March 8th and wish everyone a Happy Women’s Day. We all have very special…


Bridging the Gap Between Morals, Ethics, Laws in IVF

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Is there a difference between morals, ethics and laws? Or maybe the better question to…